• Walkyria Whitlock

Walkyria's Why

Hello, my name is Walkyria! I am the President and Founder of Global MVP. My goal with Global MVP is to help people cultivate peace from within. I think it is essential to teach youth meditation in an enjoyable way; I am here to help other people fall in love with it as I have.

The vision for Global MVP is big. It is huge. We are going for world peace. The best way I can imagine to create world peace is to help individuals create it within themselves. Peace does not mean that you will like everyone, but it means you accept people and things as they are. Accepting the external world as it is starts through acceptance of yourself.

We are starting by creating a meditation experience for youth. It is called M.A.P. to Planet 9, where Planet 9 is a world you imagine to create. Through meditation, affirmation, and prayer (M.A.P.), our meditation experience helps youth to practice mindfulness, build a healthy relationship with self, and generate a consciousness of gratitude.

Our five year vision is to create a homeless outreach program where we use our technology and V.R. headsets to help teach mindfulness techniques to homeless people.

This is a particularly sensitive area for me as my father was homeless for 10 years before having a shift in his beliefs and then behaviors. His relationship with himself has changed and thus the things that he is doing have changed! This has led to us meeting and starting to build a relationship.

His absence in my life created certain behavioral patterns and a relationship with myself that I have grown to become mindful of. In my youth, I dealt with rape, abuse in the household, and depression, and the cycle continued until I started a mindfulness journal, meditation, and yoga. Meditation has helped me to shift my perspective and change my life. From a very small town in Filer, Idaho, it is very rare to leave. I have since traveled the world, written a book, launched an application, and now formed this non-profit.

I hope to give everyone peace of mind, self-confidence, and a great appreciation for life. Through this meditation experience, I believe we can do just that! Little-by-litte, we are creating world peace by making peace in our section of the world.

Starting by educating the youth, we are creating a better tomorrow and helping to enrich more lives as they go out into the world to help people themselves.

Why did I start Global MVP? Simply because I have learned things that would have changed my life for the better if I had learned them earlier, and I want to share that with others... Plus I believe in World Peace.

We hope you can support us on this journey if only by practicing mindfulness yourself.

Peace and Love.

With all of my adoration,

Walkyria Whitlock

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