Resources for Teaching Meditation

Experiences of Shame, Exclusion, & Appropriation in Mindfulness-based Wellness Culture

"This article talks about shame/exclusion/appropriation within the mindfulness-based "wellness" culture, and I pull themes from this when I'm teaching to help remind myself and new yoga teachers that "corporate" mindfulness can be packaged to pacify people (especially children) and without ethics, mindfulness-based practices can be appropriated." - a comment from Vice President Myja Maki

Image by Rohit Tandon

Mindfulness Intervention with Homeless Youth

"This research is on mindfulness intervention on homeless youth. This research suggests, youth can use relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help with stress-related reactions, decrease risky behaviors, and becoming more mindful and aware of thoughts/feelings/surroundings." - a comment from Vice President Myja Maki

Image by Arnaud Mesureur