Meet Our Team

We are a group of lifelong friends who met during our Freshmen year at Boise State University. We have stayed close through life and are now combining our diverse skillsets for a great cause.

Walkyria Whitlock

Walkyria Whitlock is the visionary behind this project. She is the author of the poetry book 'i LOVE what i've forgotten' . A book she has written hopes it will help people to relax and enjoy life more. She believes enjoying anything is the best way to express gratitude for it so why not apply that to life! Her personal mission is to help people cultivate that gratitude.

She believes anything is possible as she has achieved what she couldn't imagine but could certainly dare to believe it: all of her childhood dreams of traveling the world, writing, and singing. As she has personal experience with recognizing thought patterns, refocusing, and transformation, as she used meditation and affirmations as a technique to heal trauma from sexual abuse, and abandonment. She realizes the significant implications trauma can have on your psyche and the cycles that can perpetuate without awareness and intention.

Through her own practice of meditation and mindfulness, she has created her dream life and wishes to help others. As a meditation teacher certified in Yoga Nidra with her 200hr YTT, Walkyria has served as a yoga instructor/stewardess on world traveling Yachts over the past 7 years. She has learned many habits and ways of thinking from the world's 1% and believes she can help others achieve the same peace of mind and healing through meditation. What she teaches are simple breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, affirmations to help with confidence and self-love, and expressing gratitude. Though mostly, she simply teaches a joy for meditation and appreciation for nature. Anything is possible, especially World Peace.

Myja Maki
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Myja Maki currently works as a counselor for high school students through the non-profit organization called One Stone. She is passionate about working towards both social and political justice for all. She is well-versed in a variety of intervention techniques to help clients work towards their goals, including expressive art, play therapy techniques, mindfulness, and TI Yoga Group therapy. She is influenced by Bessel van der Kolk and Peter Levine's work and research in trauma and the body and is certified through Street Yoga's Advanced Trauma Informed Yoga Training and a RYT 200.   

She also has a passion and experience in creating programs and fostering community partnerships within nonprofits. She has worked to create successful domestic violence prevention programs and empowerment programs within the Boise community.

Her perspective, expertise, and experience is absolutely vital to the careful delivery of this project.

Gabe Garcia

Gabe Garcia is the current Director of Media Production at the Rag Company. In 2020, Gabe Garcia was one of 19 educators nationwide recognized as a PBS Digital Innovator All-Star. Garcia taught video production at Capital High School and computer science at Riverglen Junior High School in Boise.

Each of the Digital Innovator All-Stars was selected from a cohort of extraordinary educators characterized by their ability to seamlessly integrate media and digital technology into their learning environments and to inspire students to use media and emerging technologies in responsible, effective and empowering ways.

Garcia was named Idaho’s PBS Digital Innovator in May 2019, which put him into consideration for the national All-Star honor. The PBS Digital Innovator All-Star program expands on these educators’ influential work, deepening their roles as leaders in integrating technology and digital media into the classroom — supporting students’ learning through increasingly important media literacy skills. His experience working with high school students and media expertise is a vital foundation to the execution of this project.

Corbin Hennen

Corbin Hennen is a master problem solver and innovator who believes anything is possible. He is co-founder and C.E.O. of Lumineye, which helps first-responders and soldiers identify people and threats through walls. Corbin's company was one of a select few to make it to the Y Combinator. The Y Combinator is a highly competitive seed accelerator program, and his company made it into the top 20 of their cohort. Corbin has managed many multi-million dollar contracts with government and non-government programs through his company.


Corbin believes in creative solutions to difficult problems and the power of optimism to see projects through. His sheer ingenuity, presence, and belief propel this project forward. His Masters in Computer Science and Bachelors in Physics help enhance the correlation between science and spirit as we practice these basic principles of physics through our meditation. 


Toni Gorton

Toni Gorton has been teaching for ten years and has a masters in Educational Technology from the University of Central Michigan. Toni is passionate about developing curriculum to meet the needs and learning styles of students today. Toni currently teaches German and History at Capital High School in Boise, Idaho. 

Toni is passionate about helping her students become the best version of their authentic selves. She is passionate about social justice and teaching her students to be kind and to stand up for what they believe in. Toni has taken courses on how to incorporate VR into the classroom and is thrilled to be a part of Global MVP to teach mindfulness and meditation through virtual reality. 

As an educator and with a sister who is a clinical social worker who specializes in trauma, Toni sees a great need for this technology and recognizes the vast impact and educational uses of this program.